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The Only Two Journal
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The Only Two has it's own journal where it will be updated... when each comic is finished... for your viewing pleasure (see below)!


What is The Only Two about?

Something to do with two lesbians who happen to attend an all-girls Secondary School in London. It's rather sad, actually... what follows are numerous comics in which they discuss their sexuality (not so much, to be honest - it gets rather boring after a while...), their loves and hates and pasts etc and occasionally politics. Because it just sounds cool. Assorted hoo-ha, basically. The strip starts with 'The Crush', in which Maria finds her inner self awakened by her ever-so-gorgeous Physics teacher.

That is all for the first season. Once they've left school and pretty much gone their separate ways, things change, obviously and thence the second season may well kick off.


Semi. A lot of the episodes have their root in everyday occurrences which then get twisted and contorted to make enough material for a strip. If I get any existential musings coming at me as a result of a two minute banter earlier in the day, you can bet it will get a comic made out of it.

That is so unimaginative...

Yes. But fun.

Why don't the characters have any names?

Okay, first off, they do, but they're rarely mentioned. The two main characters are called Maria/Miriam (the one who has the tendency to look more Afro as the comic develops due to a change in style, and a development of patience and skill *coughs*) who is a more whiny, conscientious version of myself, which I have now come to realise (*sighs*) and Sarah (her blonde, wavy haired friend who has a near permanent expression of pained irony on her face) who seems to play the role of the 'straight' man in the truly un-funny comedy act that is their life. The other characters are either so unimportant that their names don't matter or will be revealed in the course of the script.

Some characters, particularly the main ones, bear a resemblance to people in my day to day reality. That doesn't really mean that they are those people down to a tee. I know, it may seem obvious, but it just rather grates when people talk as if they don't get it.

That is so retarded!

Well yes, I know, but how often do you reiterate a friends's name in your everyday conversation? See, see!

Do you have a website?

No! Well. Sort of. The Only Two now has it's own blog which is at http://theonlytwocomic.blogspot.com/ so essentially, yes, as I have no intentions of making a website for the comic alone. I am currently in the process of uploading a personal/art-based/whatever website to a new server. So... there you have it, I guess.

You can link to the website using the banner there (The Only Two one, not the Biscuitnapper one...)

Can I use your comic in any way whatsoever?

That depends. E-mail me, we'll get talking and then perhaps, yes.